Lubr’s Revised Thesis and Three Points


In Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, the characters cannot show their own opinions in society, so they find other ways to express themselves.

Three Points

1. Hans Hubermann, Liesel’s foster father, expresses himself by playing his accordion.

2. Liesel lets her emotions out by stealing and then reading books.

3. Max lets his emotions out by silently fighting for himself and what he believes in.

juhe’s revised thesis and three points


” The book Thief’,” by Markus Zusak, explores the need for power, and what people will do for it.

Point one:

When Liesel first came to the Hubermann’s she was powerless, she had no control over her fate and decided that she would never be powerless again.  Slowly and surly she started to search for the power of words, and soon found out exactly how much power words possess.

Point two:

Rudy Steiner is one of many in a very large family, he longs for power, he wants to stand out. A way that he thinks that he can gain power is by winning 4 sprints in a row just like his idol Jesse Owens. He pushes himself too far, and so he does not loose the last race he purposefully gets himself disqualified so he does not loose the power and respect he just earned.

Point three:

Max, a  Jew that Liesel and her foster family rescued feels terrible that he is putting them in danger. All he wants is to have power over himself, to be free. Hiding  locked in a basement having no control over his future makes him feel powerless.

Revised thesis & points brho

In Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, the author uses the weather as a statement on the themes and feelings of the time.
When Max is sick, Liesel brings him gifts. When she brings him the cloud and sun, he begins to wake up.
The white, clean snow in the beginning represents Liesel’s purity and innocence that she still retains at the time.
Towards the end, when things are going wrong and bombs are being dropped, the skies are grey, cloudy and rainy.

JaCa Revised Thesis and 3 Points

In The Book Thief, by Mark Zusak, the characters express themselves in their own unique ways. And Mark Zusak calls these expressive ways, “Accordions”.

1. Liesel’s accordion is words. When she expresses herself her words have the potential change the perspective and mentality of others.

2. Hans expresses himself with his own woodwind instrument, the accordion. When he plays it he his free of himself and his surrounding world. He plays his accordion for the joy he gets from it, and for the joy it brings to the people around him.

3. Lastly there’s Rudy. His accordion is running. Running evokes a feeling that anything is possible for him which reminds Rudy of his idol Jesse Owens.

mewa revised thesis and 3 points

Thesis: In Markus Zusak’s “The Book Thief”, Markus Zusak states that it doesn’t really matter when a person is born or when a person dies, but what’s important is what a person goes through in the time between life and death.


Point #1: Death foreshadows Rudy’s death, thus ruining the ending of the book, but states that there is still much more story.


Point #2: When people die they are represented by a color but the color is not random it is based on what the person did when they were alive.


Point #3: Death is telling the story of Liesel, not her birth or death, but everything that she did with her life.





KaJo Revised Thesis and 3 Points

In Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, the characters use objects to express their most difficult emotions.

1) Hans Hubermann uses his accordion as a way of telling his story.

2) Rudy is able to express his need to be unique by using Hubert Oval, the field where he imagines that he is as great as Jesse Owens.

3) Liesel uses her books to give her the words to convey her emotions.

Evma Revised thesis and 3 points final

Thesis Statement:     In Markus Zusak’s the Book Thief,   Liesel deals with her brothers death in different stages of emotions.

Point#1)  Liesel got nightmares every night at her new home about Werner dying, this shows that she misses him and she is thinking about him.

Point #2) Liesel turns her sadness into anger, and yells at the mayor’s wife when she says that she will not need Rosa to do her laundry anymore,  this is her releasing her anger of being mad about her brother dying.

Point #3)   Liesel brings back the plate that she and Rudy had stolen.   This is her being more calm and being able to control her emotions.  She no longer needs to have emotions toward her brother, because she has overcome his death.

Alle revised thesis and 3 points

In Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, characters lose their means of self-expression and personal identity when they surrender to the Nazi party.

Point 1) When Hans Hubermann is accepted into the Nazi Party, he leaves his accordion, his method of self-expression, behind.

Point 2) Alex Steiner is described as an expressionless “wooden man” after he suppresses his own beliefs and joins the Nazi Party.

Point 3) During the book burning on Hitler’s birthday, Nazi soldiers are described as “uniforms and signs,” not humans.

MaSa Revised Thesis and 3-Points

In Markus Zusak’s, The Book Thief, the author explores using a symbolic accordian as a form of self expression.

1) When Hans plays the accordion, he is expressing himself

2) Much like above, when Liesel reads, she is expressing herself, therefore we can determine that Liesel’s ‘Accordion’ is words.

3) Not everyone has a physical accordion to play or express themselves with, but the accordion is a symbol for self expression.

DaaMa’s Revised Thesis and Revised 3-points

In Markus Zusaks The Book Thief, many characters are not able to express themselves because they are in fear of what society will do to them if they speak up.

  1. Liesel wanted to tell the Mayors wife and Rudy about Max, but she couldn’t because they would be killed.
  2. For a long while, Liesel wanted to tell Rudy about her brother and her mother, but she was scared it would make her look powerless.
  3. Alex Steiner could not speak on how he wishes the Jews were still there since his store was failing, because he would be killed.