KaJo Revised Thesis and 3 Points

In Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, the characters use objects to express their most difficult emotions.

1) Hans Hubermann uses his accordion as a way of telling his story.

2) Rudy is able to express his need to be unique by using Hubert Oval, the field where he imagines that he is as great as Jesse Owens.

3) Liesel uses her books to give her the words to convey her emotions.

2 thoughts on “KaJo Revised Thesis and 3 Points

  1. I really like your thesis and points. I especially like #3. I think you might want to change #2 a little because Hubert Oval isn’t really an object. Keep the main idea of the point, but maybe use a different object that has to do with Rudy and how he wants to be like Jesse Owens. Amazing Job!!!

  2. Pretty darn good. Terrific work.

    My only comment is regarding Point 3. Do books give her the words to express herself? I think the books give her the means to express herself. The way the point is written it seems as if Liesel is learning words from books than she then uses to express herself, rather than Liesel putting her authentic emotions into reading the books out loud. It’s a subtle difference but still, it’s a difference.

    I agree that Point 2 is a but problematic. Perhaps you can use the teddy bear rather than Hubert Oval in order to capture Rudy’s compassion for others. I don’t know; that might not work. Perhaps you can use The Standover Man as an object that Max uses to express his fear.

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