mewa revised thesis and 3 points

Thesis: In Markus Zusak’s “The Book Thief”, Markus Zusak states that it doesn’t really matter when a person is born or when a person dies, but what’s important is what a person goes through in the time between life and death.


Point #1: Death foreshadows Rudy’s death, thus ruining the ending of the book, but states that there is still much more story.


Point #2: When people die they are represented by a color but the color is not random it is based on what the person did when they were alive.


Point #3: Death is telling the story of Liesel, not her birth or death, but everything that she did with her life.





6 thoughts on “mewa revised thesis and 3 points

  1. I think that you have a good thesis and your points are good but i think that you could make you second point a little less broad like you could give an example of someone that dies and their color. I don’t think that you need to underline story either. i think that your first point is very powerful and i think it is because you give a really good example so i think that if you do that with your second point it will be even better.

  2. I think that your points are great but but the second point seems very hard to prove, you might want to narrow it down to a certain instance in the book.

  3. I really love your thesis statement and your points though, i think that you could explain, “colors,” a bit more. Over all it was very good.

  4. I’m still not loving your thesis — subject is great, but the sentence could be more succinct and powerful. As is, too many words. You need to condense and refine.

    Do you need “ruining the end of the book” in Point One? That’s debatable; I certainly don’t agree that the end is ruined. Identifying it as foreshadowing is really all you need. Point Two is a run-on sentence. Point Three is strong and well-written.

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